Non-reinforced concrete masonry wall construction is commonly used in low-rise construction in Pennsylvania. Even though it is referred to as "non-reinforced", there are minimal reinforcing requirements for this type of construction.

As a minimum, the following items should be checked during the design phase when detailing concrete masonry walls.

  1. Reinforcing dowels between foundation and wall.
  2. Vertical reinforcing in below grade wall construction.
  3. Vertical reinforcing at all wall corners.
  4. Vertical reinforcing on either side of control joints.
  5. Vertical and horizontal reinforcing around all wall openings.
  6. Truss or ladder type horizontal joint reinforcing in mortar bed joints.
  7. Size and location of reinforced bond beams.
  8. Sizing, deflection, and bearing of steel lintels at wall openings.
  9. Sizing, deflection, and bearing of steel relief angles in multi-story construction. Also, check the requirements for the expansion joint to be placed below the relief angle.

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