Construction, like all businesses, is driven by time and money. During the early planning stages of a project, the budget is determined, design team chosen and preliminary building plan laid out. It is imperative to include all design team members when decisions concerning the building layout are concerned.

Potential for cost control is determined by the choice of structural system and its layout during the early planning of a project. Through diligent cost evaluation, the structural design engineer is a key person who can save the client time and money.

Construction economy is almost always best served when there is a high repetition and modularity in the original building layout. Other factors that affect the cost of the structural system include framing direction, total number of structural members, and connection selection.

As design professionals, as a minimum standard, we conform with applicable building codes to determine building member sizes. As a result, the most economical member size is chosen based upon required strength, material availability, serviceability guidelines, and fabrication and construction considerations. The lightest structure does not necessarily result in the most economical design.

We enjoy our work with the architectural community, and appreciate your consideration. Should you wish to discuss the need for structural engineering services on your projects, please call at 570-823-9935. Thank You.

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