Project 13-588
Gainsville VAMC Update Domestic Water Feeds
Gainsville, FL

Gainsville VAMC
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Services to investigate and provide recommendations to upgrade the domestic water feed system on the north side of the campus. Specifically, 8-inch diameter secondary feeds designed for the Ambulatory Care, E-Wing and Bed Tower Buildings. The purpose of the secondary feeds installation is to separate supply to interior systems.

Design criteria include incorporating a fire safety monitoring/control system compatible with the VAMC Building Management System. The control system includes control required to provide start/stop, lead/lag, pump run status, amps, frequency (Hz), and feed water header operating pressure, flow (GPM), and alarm/fault conditions of pumping systems. Also, construction phasing designed to minimize impact to the regular operations of the work areas and of the utility shut downs.

Post construction services include commissioning services certifying equipment and monitoring systems perform as designed.

Estimated Construction Cost: $800,000.00
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